Monday, September 20, 2010

Shoutout to Grassroots from Newest Bison: Doriean Broady aka Dora

Initially I joined Grassroots because I felt the need to join a volunteer organization as a Freshman at Howard University. But now that I have spent two weekends with this squad and am now an official member, I realize the coaches are more than just a volunteer organization. They do more than just teach kids about HIV/AIDS prevention; they are lifelong mentors and friends to the kids involved. I feel like I am helping out my community but also I am getting something out of this.

The first Saturday was the toughest because at the time I was the only Bison at the meeting but after we started the ice breaker my comfort level increased because I realized we are all here for a common goal: to make an impact in someone' s lives. All of the games we played have key messages behind them. The coaches emphasized to always go over the key messages in all the games, because that 's the main focus, and to also have fun with the kids. I believe the kids will enjoy the games we will have to offer and I look forward to going to my first school and meeting the kids. I am forever grateful to me a member of the Grassroot Project.

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