Sunday, April 10, 2011

Udodi's Update:

The past few weeks since my last blog post have been long but full of exciting times. I started at my Francis- Stevens site and continued at Jefferson Middle. The first day at Francis I got to meet my site leader, Jackie, she was nice and later gave me my ‘Grassroots Coach’ sweatshirt. I was so siked when I got it; it made me feel like an official member of the team.

I really like how my schedule worked out. I run to Francis- Stevens from my school right after my third period. Francis is five or six blocks away, almost a mile or so. The first few times that I was there we were with a different group of students every time. We always had fun but it was kind of frustrating that the kids were not consistent. I have been learning how to better interact with them as a GRP coach. I was in the group that Jackie was leading and she or one of the other GRP members would lead the discussion. We played ‘Fact or Nonsense’ and I got to work with the kids. They were funny but I’m glad that they took the lesson seriously and that they would talk and say what they believed the answer was without me always having to prompt them. The kids get really into it when they answer correctly and get a shout out.

After getting out of Francis-Steven I head back to school, change out of my running clothes and sit down to do a little school work and eat lunch before it is time to go to Jefferson. I also do this site with people from Georgetown. Out of both of my sites, I would have to say that Jefferson is the one I like best. The kids are really funny and get a good laugh out of us. The kids at Jefferson are pretty consistent. Our group has actually grown since my first day. I have also been able to get to know them better. The kids are really into it and that encourages me. Another thing that really makes my time at Jefferson enjoyable is that we pretty much go over the same lesson I did at Francis so I get a second try at doing the lesson and I feel that I do it better. I have not yet been assigned to lead a game, but was assigned to lead the praise circle. I have not yet done it but I’m really excited to! I mostly assist with games as an extra eye, like when we play ‘Find the Ball’ I check behind the kids to make sure that they are not cheating. Additionally, I get to take score when we play games. These are just small things but they help me feel like I’m a part of the group and I’m getting involved.

I’m excited for the future because I will have more experience at being a Grassroots coach. I’m also excited to get involved with other aspects of GRP. So far so good!