Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to the Grassroot Project Blog!

Welcome to the Grassroot Project Blog! Throughout the year, we will have different athlete coaches, middle school youth, and guests posting about their involvement in the Grassroot Project.

We just finished the first weekend of the September 2010 Athletes2Coaches training. Our newest coaches come from 3 schools, 11 different sports, 20 different teams, and amount to SEVENTY awesome athletes and mentors!!

Check back to hear what it is like to be a new Grassroot Hoya from Maggie "GI" Girard, a member of the women's lightweight rowing team at Georgetown!

To learn about our Team Up program and our youth both in South Africa and DC, make sure to stay updated with the Team Up Blog!

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  1. The 2010-2011 school year is proving to be yet another great year for THE GRASSROOT PROJECT!! It seems that our current athlete coaches at Georgetown, Howard and George Washington have continued to spread the word about what a great opportunity we have to use our status as student athletes to educate D.C. youth about HIV/AIDS. Large representations of newcomers who are learning the curriculum and returning athletes who have volunteered their time to help out at training have the future of Grassroots looking bright!

    It's been an awesome experience seeing our programs come together at the beginning of each semester and I'm always amazed at how willing student-athletes are to volunteer their precious time for a cause they know is greater than themselves. Being at training everyday and working with these amazing student-athletes from George Washington, Howard and Georgetown has been an inspiration!