Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hands up!

Last Friday we started out first program of the semester at Francis Stevens EC. The Grassroot Project curriculum has lots of fun ways to get kids' attention. Instead of yelling "quiet" or "shhh," instead Athlete Coaches have key words or phrases that get the kids to respond in unison. All the sudden, the room is silent, and we are ready to move onto the next activity. It really works wonders- try it sometime when you are in a big group!

One such mechanism is the “Lions and Tigers and Bears”. When the coaches yell this out, all the kids respond “Oh My!” Another favorite is to simply yell “Hands Up”. Normally, the kids all put both hands in the air.

Once again, the kids at Francis Stevens continue to surprise us! This time, when TSpence yelled “Hands Up,” the kids responded: “ AAAND THEY STAY THERE!”

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